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Debt collection in Luxembourg - Lawyer in Luxembourg

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Amicable debt collection - Lawyers in Luxembourg

(A) In the event of unpaid debt, the creditor may mandate the Lorang & Wingerter firm to carry out, before any legal request, the necessary steps to recover his debt.

Debt collection in Luxembourg can only be carried out by an approved professional even if it is only an amicable process.

This step is essential, the majority of debts are recovered at this stage. This remedy has many advantages:

  • We can concede payment terms while trying to assess a viable/adequate solution, both for the creditor and the debtor;
  • The inexpensive cost of this alternative saves having to go through the legal process.

(B) Security of collected funds:

  • The firm is covered by professional insurance covering its civil liability in connection with its activity;
  • Recovered funds are allocated to a bank account specifically allocated to financial assets belonging to third parties.

Judicial recovery - Lawyers in Luxembourg

For the recovery of debts in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Lorang & Wingerter firm always prefers, if at all possible, the so-called simplified procedures:

  • Payment order (claim < or equal to 10,000.00 EUR)
  • Court seized: Justice of the Peace (Luxembourg / Esch-Sur-Alzette / Diekirch)
  • “Article 919” request (claim > 10,000.00 EUR)
  • Jurisdiction seized: District Court of Luxembourg.

Employing these two procedures, the cost is reduced, not to mention that the deadlines are very reasonable and vary between 3 to 6 months.

Once the writ of execution has been obtained, within the framework of these two procedures, it is sent to the bailiff for execution. We must remember:

  • That the bailiff deducts his costs directly from the debtor;
  • Exceptional cases where the costs remain the responsibility of the creditor:
    bankruptcy, insolvency;

We are committed to avoiding unnecessary and irrecoverable costs to our customers, we always carry out a certain number of checks, which allow us to guarantee our customers’ maximum success.

The theory of the accepted invoice is a safe and privileged value in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which makes the recovery of commercial debt easier.

In terms of the invoice, the lack of dispute constitutes acceptance! The invoice is accepted, according to case law, if it has not been contested at short notice.